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1:10 PM (110 Philosophy Moment)

One of my team members was VERY thankful for my morning inspirational words it inspired me to share them with YOU!

(My team =  P&C, Life and Bank Specialists)

"Good morning Triathletes!"

"We are on day 14!!  You know I think it is a lot more powerful and FUN counting down because you KNOW the end is near!"

"There are only 108 more days until this year’s 2020 Maine, Tri for a Cure – and I pray by then, this is behind us and we are high 5ing each other at the finish line!"

THIS is NOW our new TEAM “Mental Grit” goal we are ALL going to use. (Yup, I bet you never really dreamed of being a Triathlete, welcome to the race it has already begun!)

July 19th is the finish-line date that we will keep us strong minded and very healthy to continue to move forward in a positive way!!!

Here’s to navigating our way so far, quite successfully through challenging times……

Who knew that our –past challenges were really creating some wonderful stepping

stones for us to each navigate the seas right now with wonderful momentum and strength. Remember team, this is NOT a sprint… this is a Triathlon……pace yourself, do your “self “quality checks to make sure you are hydrated with all of the right ingredients to sustain the long term endurance you will need to cross that finish line with a smile!

So where are we right now within the Triathlon?

The GREAT news is we are presently finished with the swim…. Just about EVERYONE hates the swim, its rough, its cold, it takes your breath away, when you least expected the unexpected happens, the competitors feet hit your googles off, the waves almost make you feel like you are going to drown, but you don't because you know NOT TO PANIC! We know it was rough – but not as rough of seas for us than for our competitors/peers/friends as we were able to navigate quickly as we were clear of the course, due to our previous endurance training which began, more than 5 years ago now! (10/2014 Breast CA Dx)

We are presently on the bike!

We have managed the first transition station nicely, without even knowing it. We moved through the seas of working from home, setting new boundaries with the families, establishing all new patterns and routines. Managing the unimaginable negativity in the air, you swam in pouring rain… ! But WE DID IT… now the bike ride begins, this is our sweet zone – this is the time to really regroup gain momentum as you know we have a rhythm and we know this course too. We have done, internet leads 9 years ago, and like riding a bike after a few strokes which creates the wheel to turn the rust is falling off…. its like second nature.  So enjoy the new found energy familiarity brings to one…. pull all of the energy out of the internet leads you can. WE will need as much energy, and customer interactions as possible to gain what we will need to bring it home during the run.

The Run is TOUGH – that is coming and you know it.  But you are confident in knowing this is NOT a sprint - you navigated the swim well! AND YOU know - you are not alone. If “THEY” (Competition/ Peers / Friends) can do it … so can we – KNOW the team is here cheering you on and if you need help… all you need to do is ask, grab that cup of Gatorade that you know will be there the entire race!

WE GOT THIS….. Enjoy the challenge of "new ways / "new boundaries", enjoy the glide of the downhill – but DO NOT stop peddling, even when you could coast – you do NOT finish the race with PRIDE when you know you didn’t give it your all! Ride on team……

I do hope you like this fun “Mental Grit” visual – I hope you keep the analogy in mind, if this doesn’t work for you…. figure out a fun “Mental Grit” adventure that does work for YOU!

As this period of time – will not be easy… we will have our times when we just want to walk or even quit…but we are a TEAM – we are stronger together… be honest and lean on your team when needed!

Tick tock team….

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