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And now that I’m healthy.... look out world here I come!

I know I keep saying my book is “almost” ready.... but seriously it’s worth the wait!

My health challenges have only helped me articulate my message. And now that I’m healthy.... look out world here I come!

You will read in my manuscript how important it is to have priorities in your life and one of those priorities that is critical in achieving total happiness is taking care of yourself!

On July 14, 2019, I will cross the finish line of the Maine Cancer Foundation Tri for a Cure completing all three sections.

GOAL: Complete this in 110 minutes!

This will be my victory in having my health challenges finally totally behind me and this significant goal accomplished has prepared me for my future journey and all of the challenges that will come my way!

I’m not a survivor, I’m a WARRIOR!

And if I can do it so can you.... and that’s what my manuscript is ALL about. I give you the mind “grit” road map to control more happiness in your life! It teaches you how to control the negativity that is constantly thrown in front of you... it teaches you the exact recipe to make a refreshing glass of lemonade out of lemons!

GOAL: Deliver my manuscript on January 10, 2020!

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