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February… Where are we at?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

We all wanted the year 2020 to be over and the bad things to disappear… no more pandemic… no more masks… but here we are, 41 days into 2021, and a lot is still the same. Our new “temporary” way of life can feel overwhelming and isolating, it’s important to remind ourselves that pretty much everyone is experiencing the same feeling right now. 

It's OK to recognize that life can be a challenge. What matters is what you do with the tough times… should you let them ruin your whole existence, sucking happiness and joy out of your life and relationships – or change the way you look at what they have to offer, learn from them accordingly, and whenever possible, devise a way to avoid them in the future? (read more on page 91)

PPP: Pandemic Paradigm Planning

Everybody has struggles...persevere.
Everybody has struggles...persevere.

2020 pushed us all in ways we never had to deal with, testing our adaptability skills to the max. We’ve always been planning for the future with long-term plans, 5-year plans, monthly plans, etc., but now we are adapting every day, to the day. Look at this as a good thing, as a way to work on your survival and adaptability skills. It’s OK if not every day goes according to plan, DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP!

We were always told to keep our personal and business lives separate, but it’s hard to do that - especially now. Before COVID, we used to drive to the office and then drive home. The routine activity before and after was a good way to tell ourselves that it was time to shift gears… now that we are working at home more than ever, we are missing out on that transition time without even realizing it. Our commute home time was a time during which we could shelf the things from work or the things at home traveling to work (we cover a great Shelf – It!” exercise in the book, page 55). 

It can be a challenge to turn off work when it’s time to end the workday. And it’s just as hard, if not harder, to “go to work” and “leave home”. Find ways to tell your mind it’s time to punch out (or in). If you always had a morning coffee with your co-worker before you punched in, make yourself a cup and take 10 minutes to reflect on you before you start work. If you used to read during your lunch break, take an hour during lunch to read a book. Don’t stay at work at home - you wouldn’t work overtime if you didn’t have to, would you? Set a specific time each day to end work, and then punch out to focus on what makes you happy. If your laptop is now your office, turn it off. Disconnect the wi-fi if you have to. Turn off notifications on your phone…

Don’t let the tools manage you, YOU manage the tools!
Happiness Meter

Pages 92 & 91 of The 110 Philosophy really focus on self-reflection. We talk about happiness and establishing indicators to be paying attention to. Knowing where you should put your focus, what makes you happiest, and recognizing the key to having a more positive attitude.

Everyone has tough times, especially now. Just take one step, keep moving. Keep going, keep pushing yourself and others. Be the reason someone else feels TURTLEy awesome!

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