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January: re-energize knowing a new year with new beginnings is in the making

January is a time to re-energize knowing a new year with new beginnings is in the making – one day at a time… one decision at a time… one goal at a time. Confidently knowing that this is a time of opportunity, as you reflected last month on last year’s successes, and continue learning from the areas that you could have done better. Now is the time to implement those learnings and create the change that you want to increase your personal/business happiness/success. We are making sure infrastructure is set for the next 12 months. Business and personal, of course.

It’s also important not to get upset if you didn’t make all of your goals. It’s OK not to make them! In my book (on page 43) I talk about how you shouldn’t beat yourself up because there are enough people to do that for you already!

I already did checks and balances for the 4th quarter and I did pretty well. Of course, I didn’t know that curve balls were coming for 2020, but I still did alright. My goals included

  • Help more people

  • Get the book Australia - which we did in just 60 days!

  • Be in 50% of the USA - we are there!

  • Be in 10 countries - we are in 8 so that one fell a little short. But it’s OK.

Oh, and the biggest news of all: we landed our first HUGE client on 1/10/2021! Sure, it wasn’t in 2020, but it was pretty close.

As year-end numbers come in, focus on what you did really well this year given the curve balls ie: the worldwide pandemic, stay positive, and on course.

Here is a great Ted Talk Grit: The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Lee Duckworth. She says "We have to be willing to fail, to be wrong, to start over again with lessons learned."

In true measurements of success you have to be true to yourself, don’t inflate the numbers, or change your previous goal to make it look like you made it. And, I repeat: don’t beat yourself up, stay focused on what you did really well.

As the Walt Disney quote goes: "Believe in you. That’s how you make your dreams come true.”

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