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My Personal Vision

My Vision is to live to 110 years young. I will be engaged 110% in everything I do in service to my vision, and have fun all the while!

My Professional Vision

To share my experiences and best practices with others so that they can achieve more happiness and satisfaction in their careers and personal lives!

About Luanne

Luanne Cameron is a Business Culture Expert. She is an entrepreneur, small business coach, author, and public speaker. Her goal is to teach people about the principles that have brought her success, and to help others realize their own through her tried and true practices and techniques.

Highlights of her career include:

  • 30 years of leadership roles in the insurance industry

  • Implemented three front-line operational service centers for three Fortune 500 companies, managing over 150 employees with <3% turnover and a $6.5M budget within a 2% variance

  • Developing cross-functional teams to implement and promote a culture of customer service excellence.

  • Owns and operates Cameron Insurance Agency, Inc., a successful StateFarm agency in Standish, Maine.


Awards & Recognition:

  • Legion of Honor – Bronze Tablet

  • Ambassador Travel

  • Top 100: Retirement Products

  • President’s Club: Top 50 Agents 2016


Luanne is best known for her veracious belief in her business philosophy of creating work environments that inspire and energize individuals in a team environment.

She opened her own State Farm agency in 2011, after a successful corporate career. With her business success, and having survived breast cancer, Luanne is more determined than ever to share her belief that we can live life to the fullest and achieve success through a balanced life-work approach to setting priorities, making decisions, and navigating through difficult circumstances.

110 Philosophy.png

"The vision for life and iron-clad discipline I gained from my childhood has helped me overcome numerous obstacles later on in my life. This included the disintegration of my career as I exited corporate life at the height of the Great Recession and spent eighteen months unemployed; a battle with breast cancer and a life-saving mastectomy; and several other health challenges that required eight surgeries and numerous bed-ridden months of recovery.


These challenges have forced me to refine my goals and constantly remind myself of my vision for life. They have required me to put into fine clarity the reasons why I stay engaged in the daily grind of life and have instilled in me a sense of disciplined structure that helps me get through the day."

~ Luanne

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