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How can The 110 Philosophy™ help my business?

Using The 110 Philosophy™ to manage your career will positively impact your:

  • Day-to-day attitude and energy

  • Capacity to reduce distractions and be the most productive

  • Focus on facts versus feelings

  • Ability to learn from your mistakes

  • The ultimate achievement of your vision and goals


Using The 110 Philosophy™ to manage your business will positively impact your:

  • Team Dynamics & Productivity

  • Evaluating/Motivating/Compensating Team

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Customer Experience & Loyalty

  • Accountability Measures & Results


The 110 Philosophy translates so well to business because leaders must offer a vision and build engagement with their team about where a business is going.

- Luanne

“I worked with Luanne Cameron first as a development field consultant in State Farm and noticed right away how she was able to develop and motivate her team so successfully. She provided them with a platform to empower themselves to be part of a great agency. Throughout the years, we have had a monthly mentoring call which she has excelled in developing her team and provided me with some insights into how I can help my existing agents with their teams.

I asked Luanne to speak with a group of female agents who had been struggling with team dynamics, accountability, and overall motivation.  She presented the 110 Philosophy and how she implements it with her team and empowers them to be the “owner” of their business. I know the concept was well-received by all who were on the call, and one agent asked to be mentored by Luanne through some of the challenges she was having in her office. Luanne totally is the 110 Philosophy!”

~  Brenda Flagg, Brenda Flagg Insurance Agency, Inc, East Syracuse, NY

If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact me at or by filling out this contact form. 


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