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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The 110 Philosophy is not about being happy all the time, every day. It’s about how to better handle what life throws your way so that you are happy more of the time, and when things are not good, circumstances do not wreck you. The 110 Philosophy teaches you how to manage your thoughts to remain positive during tough times, work through challenges faster, and get on with continued momentum toward your vision for yourself.

Too much of our focus is on what is wrong, what isn’t going right, or what we don’t have. In the process, we let happy times pass us by! We skim over happy times, as fleeting moments, or worse – as flukes! How horrible! Truth is, when you manage your thinking through a situation, you can intentionally create more happy times – it’s all in the power of your thinking!

Hey, life can be challenging! What matters is what you do with tough times – let them ruin your whole existence, sucking happiness and joy out of your life and relationships – or change the way you look at what they have to offer, learn from them accordingly, and whenever possible, devise a way to avoid them in the future. Whether it’s a serious health issue, a problem at work or frustration from being stuck in traffic, the tools and techniques outlined in this book give you a way to control how you think about what is happening to you, and how you will react. The trick is to have a que that says, “uh-oh, things are off, what’s going on?”, analyze the facts (getting away from the feelings), and determine what choices you have in your control. When you have a plan to handle conflicts, and the discipline to analyze the situation – it’s powerful! When you have the power to control your reactions, you can control your happiness!

I believe true happiness comes as a result of the hard times as a matter of fact. The only way to know happiness, and be grateful, is to have had the opposite hard times. When I went through breast cancer it was one of the most difficult times in my life, of course. Many days I wouldn’t say I was happy, but I was deeply aware that I was alive. And when some days were better than others, I concentrated on those better days, and looked for ways to repeat them. This is a fundamental part of the 110 – to dissect a situation, take the learning from it (what to avoid, what to repeat). In understanding life’s up and down cycles, bad days give us an appreciation of good days.

Life is about the pursuit of happiness. That is what happiness is all about – it’s about the journey, accepting that fact alone will make you a happier person.

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