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Inspiration = motivation. Keep it moving.

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Invisible battles, we all have them. Some physical, some emotional, some we can not even define. You may have battled cancer, like me, or you may be battling due to the pandemic we are all in. (You know what they say, everyone everywhere is battling something)

We talk about this more on page 11.

Our “invisible battles” often impact our physical or mental state, which in turn influence our choices. So, how do you get past the challenges, and how do you continue to press on every day with a positive attitude and outlook? The answer for me was to find my tribe… I was encouraged during my breast cancer journey to surround myself with people who would inspire me - that was so powerful for me. I was inspired to participate in the Maine Tri for a Cure. When you can complete the 3 sections, you have survived. You're part of the tribe. I'm in my 8th year as part of this tribe (in 2022). Participating has reinforced that you’re so much stronger as a team vs by yourself.

I believe that WE get to decide what we do with our inspiration and that we also get to define it. I know that someone has truly inspired me when I feel like I am being pushed forward outside of my comfort level and am encouraged to keep trying. Especially to do something creative, like write my book or my blog.

Who inspires me? I would say it’s many people like, my dad, riding 30+ miles on

his bike a day, my Breast Cancer Survivor sisters, Mike Spencer who passed of

acute leukemia after an eight-year battle. I often find myself using YouTubing Ted Talks to be inspired by intellectual and business leaders.

Most recently, I was inspired to share my story locally. It is easy for me to represent my business and put it all out on the line, but when it comes to my book, like anyone who creates something, there can be a tiny voice inside offering a little bit of self-doubt. What if no one likes it? What if they tell me no? Why would anyone want to buy my book over the 100’s of other “better” books in this store? Just as I was inspired to write the book in the first place, I was inspired to approach a local retailer to see if they had any interest in displaying it. After a great conversation, and an encouraging “yes”, I was again inspired to branch out a little more, to a bigger book store a few towns over. Another yes, and more inspiration… that lead to an article on the front page of the local newspaper. WOW! Imagine if I hadn’t been inspired to share my story, my breast cancer survival journey, and the tools I’ve implemented in my personal life as well as my business.

As I continue to press forward through my own invisible battles, I am inspired to help and inspire others. Perhaps that is my purpose in life – to share my challenges and way of navigating my own compass in order to help push others forward on their personal journey. If my writing has helped you by just 1%, then I’ve helped with 350 choices. That’s 1% of 35,000 choices you make on an average every day.

So, as a leader of a team/others why is all this important? Because now after this pandemic, WE have all survived and are still struggling through the wave of transformation that has occurred in our families, lives, and careers. Look at the statistics on suicide rate, homicide, drug addictions… clearly we need these tools now more than ever. We all know that at some point, in some way, home life crosses over into work life, and providing your team with the tools they need to deal with any situation, will in turn help them at work and at home. 110 Philosophy is all about developing the tools and methods that work for the individual regardless of the specifics of the situation and inspiring one another to be our best selves.

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