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Repeating an important message

Since I am on vacation this month, and many of you have given me such great feedback about this message, I wanted to share this one again. Enjoy!

If you chase two rabbits, two rabbits will get away.

No matter who you are, or what position you hold, it is important to realize that managing yourself is the same as managing people. Setting expectations and goals, devising a plan to accomplish those goals, and constantly checking in and making adjustments if needed. I have been thinking a lot about the long-term strategy for the 110 Philosophy as well as for my insurance and financial services business and checking in to make sure that my progress is where it needs to be. Focusing on my own personal self-reflection and the self-reflection of my businesses. Is the return on my investment where I want it to be...are we reaching our goals.... is there something I could be doing better? Will the return still be there in a few years from now? Am I chasing two rabbits?

Your ROI (return on investment) doesn't necessarily have to be a dollar amount, and sometimes you may not even expect the return you receive. Many of you know that I am a breast cancer survivor and have dealt with many surgeries over the past few years. During the weeks I have spent in recovery, I was able to truly focus on the 110 Philosophy. My intention was to help others. I had no idea that through my own self-reflection that I would be digging deep and I would end up healing in areas I had not addressed for decades. Describing the scenarios surrounding my sexual abuse and reliving those moments helped to bring closure and allowed me to start the healing process. As I do on a regular basis, I sought counsel and asked for advice. You can't possibly navigate the seas of life without seeking some advice once in a while, and listening to what your mentors and advisors have to say. Not just listening, but being open to actually hear what they have to say. What I learned during this time, is that there was an amazing unexpected return - what I gained from the return was self-healing - so that is part of my personal ROI.

It's like the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks. He was unexpectedly stranded on an island so he had to be resourceful and make do with what he had around him so that he didn't starve or really lose his marbles. (thank goodness for Wilson to keep him company!) In life, you can sometimes end up feeling like you are on an island and when you finally make it back to the mainland, things are never the same but you have to move forward and find your own new normal. What I learned from being out on the island (aka the Pandemic) is how important it is to be adaptable in order to survive. You have to be open to eating different things because you have to in order to survive. Some businesses may struggle with blending old-minded culture to the new adaptable workforce. We are seeing clearly that this new workforce wants a better balance between life and work. They've had a taste, learned that it is possible and they want to keep the flexibility. This is a great time for businesses to do a quality check and take an honest look at where things are and where their focus is.

We've hit the 6-month mark at the 110 Philosophy for 2021, which means it's time for some serious reflection, quality checks, and having an honest look at the numbers and our focus. It's important to know ahead of time if you're going to make it and how are you positioned for the future. We've been reviewing our blog stats, programs, etc. and having an honest look at how we are positions for 2022. While you're reflecting, you can also celebrate success and milestones! Independence Day marks my 10th year as State Farm Agent, so the 4th of July is a great milestone for me, and my business.

I'm already starting to talk and engage about 2022. We've reflected, we are planning, we are maintaining our focus on success. Now it's all about positioning ourselves to get across the finish line.

PS This will be my last blog post until September while I enjoy some time with my family. Hey, we're in Maine and it is Vacationland after all!

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