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Sharing my own journey in dealing with chronic pain with disability claims specialists

Recently I had the opportunity to share my journey with Life/Health Claims Executive, Lisa Hall. We discussed chronic pain and illness as well as the 110 Philosophy tools including visualization, resiliency, goal setting, and routine.

It is important to me to help educate Disability claims professionals to know what resources are available to the insured, both medically and in their specific community.

Being the CEO of my health and of me in challenging times is how I have learned to stay ‘mentally fit' for my longevity view of life.

I share my very personal health challenges, now with you all so I might help others who might be hiding in fear of judgment of others. I have learned by being vulnerable and sharing my “chronic pain” story I lighten my own load, to walk a little easier on this life journey.

Please share if you find this helpful in anyway!

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